The project takes about a minute to load up.

Plate Lunch is the world's most fun Hawaiian RPG. Sailing through the Hawaiian islands in a time before lunch solving puzzles, defeating monsters, collecting fruit, opening cans of spam, eating potatoes, throwing a boomerang, discovering new items, catching butterflies, and gathering the ingredients in plate lunch: two scoops of rice, one scoop of Macahoni Salad, and one scoop of Kahulolapuola pig.

The controls are as given:

K and L are the left and right item slots, these buttons use their respective item, whether that means eating it to gain health or throwing it out of the inventory.

J is used to toggle the inventory and see the map.

I is used when a circle appears over the player's head, that means that the player can interact with something, like an item or a boat. 

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