A new civilization game. From the banks of the Mekong to the Swiss Alps to the Amazon Rain Forest, build an empire that never dies. Take the challenge to begin your own nation and prove that your legacy will last forever. Whether you start in Hawaii, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, or Argentina the challenge remains the same: can you outwit and out conquer your rivals in order to crush them and take over the world? 

Now with game modes like All Green, Random, and Reverse Earth take the trial to build your own world and carve your name in the tablets of history.

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorInkbox Software
Tags16-bit, 2D, Alternate History, basically, basically-world-2, civilization, html5, War, world
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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How do I make a boat, how do I tell what nation is mine, and how can I max food production/interact with other nations/max income?

Moreso, why is my FOOD value constantly decreasing? Its lowering my population, which admittedly was rather large after I took over a few squares, but I do not quite understand the relationship between Food Produced/Consumed Per Year, Population Growth, and whether or not I'm selling or buying FOOD in the economy tab.

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so sad I cannot be a dictator and declare martial law over my country, I can't force my people into submission :((

but yea, expanding your empire is not that hard.

What do cities do

The game is good, the problem is that when a rebellion happens, most of your territory goes to the rebels ,plus it would be better if instead of one large nation there would be hundreds of medium sized rebellious nations.

Mate.. it's a good game, there's little to no strategy in early game and slowly increases over time. But there's one issue for me,like if had to close the browser,the game dosn't save anything and I lose like an hours worth of progress, so maybe add a save feature to reduce some of the stress of compleating it 

I don't know what to do,can you please add a tutorial.

If you put your browser on 90% zoom and then fullscreen there is a button on the bottom that says guide. If u click it it gives you some basic info about the game. If you have more specific questions just reply with them and I will try to answer :)

hmm yea, I know that there is a guide button, it actually seems to  not give enough information, maybe a little bit more information could be handy.Either way it is a good game.



would you add an observer mode?

Simple: Make your nation, put it on a one-tile island, then O B S E R V E.

And official observer mode would be nice too though